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007: How to Audit Your Rep's Onboarding Journey

Do you know what your Rep’s onboarding experience is really like? In this video, Stephen will show you how to take inventory of this process.

006: Improve Sales Experience while Growing Super Fast w/George Garcia @ LGCY Power

How a sales performance director in a super fast growing solar company thinks about onboarding/training reps (advice for directors and sales reps).

005: 18 Apps to Help You Speed Up Your Onboarding & Training Creation Process

Speed up your onboarding & training content creation process with these (mostly) free apps!

004: How to Recruit Tons of Reps in a Crazy Talent Shortage

Follow this simple framework to recruit reps faster and easier, even in a hiring shortage!

003: How to Increase Engagement from Your Reps During Training

Our 3 tips to increase your rep's engagement: make it a consumer experience, increase their attention level, blur the lines between required training!

002: Get Your Reps to Finish Their Training Faster

Three simple steps that will help you to get your reps to finish their training faster!

001: How to Rock Text Message Field Support

Learn 6 quick steps to speed up field support via text messaging.

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