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This podcast exists to help companies with large independent sales forces to Recruit, Train, and Retain more of their sellers.

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010: Ion Solar's Lacy Anderson Talks Sales Team Management

In this episode, Stephen Rhyne meets with Lacy Anderson to discuss the best way to level up your sales operations skills. Lacy gives some outstanding advice and breaks...

009: Vivint Senior Manager Zach Heiner Talks About Sales Training

In this episode, Zach Heiner talks to Stephen Rhyne about Efficiency and Effectiveness for those who develop Sales Training. Zach is a Senior Manager of Sales Training...

008: 3 Simple Concepts to Help Your Reps Pay Attention

We cover how to get your reps to pay attention using 3 Simple Concepts.

007: How to Audit Your Rep's Onboarding Journey

Do you know what your Rep’s onboarding experience is really like? In this episode, Stephen will discuss how to take inventory of this process. (Video link in description)

006: Improve Sales Experience while Growing Super Fast w/George Garcia @ LGCY Power

How a sales performance director in a super fast growing solar company thinks about onboarding/training reps (advice for directors and sales reps).

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