010: Ion Solar's Lacy Anderson Talks Sales Team Management

In this episode, Stephen Rhyne meets with Lacy Anderson to discuss the best way to level up your sales operations skills. Lacy gives some outstanding advice and breaks down the importance of getting small wins as you improve your processes.

00:00 Lacy Anderson Intro Excerpt
00:35 TRJ Episode 10 Intro
00:48 Introducing Lacy Anderson @IONSolar
01:58 Q1: Why Sales Ops?
04:13 Q2: What's your experience working with CROs?
07:51 Q3: What advice would you give to Sales Ops Managers who want to level up?
10:20 Q4: How do you convey challenges upward?
11:40 Q5: How do you attack problems?
13:12 Q6: How would help managers to improve and grow?
15:47 Q7: What's the benefit of learning what departments do?
18:00 Q8: How do you demonstrate contribution in a tangible way?
21:29 Q9: In your career, when did you start owning outcomes?
23:50 Stakeholder Puzzle: Tips for Working Together
29:19 Q10: What do you think is changing the fastest in Direct Sales?
30:38 Q11: What changing the fastest in recruiting?
32:22 Q12: What technology are you excited about?
35:03 Q13: What is the hardest thing about your role?
40:20 Thanks, Lacy!
010: Ion Solar's Lacy Anderson Talks Sales Team Management
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